America is said to be a melting pot of culture. People from all around the world are proud to call this country their home, while reserving the right to preserve their culture and that of their ancestors. While this is a wonderful quality of our nation, sometimes it can lead to miscommunication. And when it comes to the type of work that NorthEast Talent Solutions specializes in, there’s really no room for error.
We’re excited to announce a new program to help employers and employees breach that language barrier. Starting next month we will be offering English as a Second Language to our employees at no cost. This program will run at four month intervals, after which students will receive a certificate of completion.
This new initiative will:
•Allow employers to better communicate with their employees which results in a more productive and safe environment.
•Instill confidence in employees and arm them with knowledge that will better their lives.
At NorthEast Talent Solutions we value in our talent, and believe that it is our job to ensure their success. We believe that our new ESL program will give them the best of both worlds, maintaining a link to their past, while paving a way for their futures