What NorthEast Talent Solutions is doing about COVID-19

As we all contend with the uncertainty resulting from the news about COVID-19, we want to take this opportunity to inform you of the measures NorthEast Talent Solutions have adopted to minimize virus transmission among our employees and clients.

This week we organized the sanitizing of all vehicles used to transport our assigned employees and we will continue to sanitize these vehicles periodically as long as COVID-19 transmission continues to be a concern.

All company offices have been similarly cleaned in an effort to avoid COVID-19 transmission among employees and staff.  Further, in an effort to maintain sanitary conditions, we have educated our employees on basic measures recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of transmission, including but not limited to, frequent hand washing, abstaining from touching our hands to our eyes, nose and mouth, and self-quarantining when experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Should an employee show up to work exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, that employee will be directed to return home or, if necessary, seek medical attention.

We will closely monitor CDC recommendations with respect to COVID-19 as well as the recommendations of state and federal health authorities so that we may best protect the health and well-being of our employees, colleagues and clients.

If you have any questions about our efforts to protect against COVID-19 transmission, we welcome your inquiries.  We wish you, your colleagues, family and friends safety and good health while we battle the spread of this virus.

Damarys M. Alvarez 
President and CEO

Customized Safety Program for Industrial employees launches 2015!

From a leaky faucet to a too-hot coffee machine, there are bound to be hazards in almost every workplace. But some environments can be trickier to navigate than the average office.
At NorthEast Talent Solutions one of the areas we specialize in is Industrial Staffing, and these workplaces bring a new set of challenges and safety issues that need to be addressed, preferably before the first day of work.
Keeping aware of your surroundings is one thing, but keeping aware of your surroundings while working on a two-ton machine is absolutely imperative, which is why we will be implementing a customized program for warehouse workers, forklift operators, machine operators in 2015.
This program will give our employees the tools and knowledge they need to safely operate heavy machinery, and help to ensure the safety of themselves and their coworkers as well.
We know that accidents happen, but by creating a program to educate and inform, we hope to keep our employees safe and secure.